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Obed Wild & Scenic River Whitewater Trips

Clear Creek at Obed Wild & Scenic RiverThe following is a growing collection of information about canoeing, kayaking or rafting in and around the Obed Wild & Scenic River in Cumberland and Morgan county Tennessee.

The Obed contains 4 waterways; Clear Creek, Daddy's Creek, Obed River and the Emory River.

Check the Obed maps and waypoints for directions and related information.

On-Line River flow gauges

From To Miles Avg Dif* Max Dif Flow Min Op Max
Obed - Emory
Adams Bridge Potters Ford 4 III IV 1000 3000 5000
Potters Ford Obed Junction 12 II III 1000 3000 5000
Obed Junction Clear Creek Junction 4 III IV 500 1500 3000
Clear Creek Junction Nemo 5 II III 500 1500 3000
Clear Creek
U.S. 127 Bridge Barnett Bridge 20 II III 1500 2500 5000
Barnett Bridge Jett Bridge 5 II II 500 2500 4000
Jett Bridge Lilly Bridge 2 II III 800 2500 4000
Lilly Bridge Clear Creek Junction 2 III IV 1000 2500 3000
Daddy's Creek
Devils Breakfast Table Obed Junction 2 II II 700 1500 3000

* = Average difficulty indicates degree of difficulty of a section of river at optimum flow.

= Maximum difficulty indicates the highest rated rapid in that section of the river at optimum flow. Flow information on most streams in east Tennessee is available from the Tennessee Valley Authority. Call (800)238-2264 and listen to the Emory at Oakdale recording.

Parking: there are good parking areas at the following locations -  Barnett Bridge, Jett Bridge, Lilly Bridge. All three area have pit toilets, Jett has a picnic table and changing station as well.
River Access Latitude Longitude
Adams Bridge N3603.654' W08457.685'
Barnett Bridge N3607.348' W08447.668'
Devils Breakfast Table N36 3.581' W84 47.483'
Jett Bridge N3607.301' W08444.737'
Lilly Bridge N36 06.122' W84 42.983'
Obed Junction    
Potters Ford    
U.S. 127 Bridge N3610.225' W08501.659'

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