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Obed Wild & Scenic River Maps & Waypoints

A growing collection of maps and GPS waypoints from in and around Obed Wild & Scenic River near Wartburg and Crossville, Tennessee.
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Obed River Waypoints

Waypoint Latitude Longitude
Adams Bridge N3603.654' W08457.685'
Barnett Bridge N3607.348' W08447.668'
Barnett Bridge Rd/Hwy 298 N3606.305' W08447.355'
Barnett Bridge Campsite N3607.335' W08447.503'
Barnett's Rib N36 7.123' W84 48.222'
Clear Creek Junction    
Climbing Parking N36 06.075' W084 42.605'
Cumberland Trailhead (Nemo) N36 04.247' W84 39.827'
Devils Breakfast Table N36 3.581' W84 47.483'
Double Drop Falls N36 7.135' W84 48.345'
Hegler Arches N36 7.186' W84 48.649'
Jack's Rock Falls N36 5.888' W84 42.597'
Jett Bridge N3607.301' W08444.737'
Lilly Bluff N36 06.068' W84 43.062'
Lilly Bluff Parking Area N36 06.162' W84 43.280'
Lilly Bouldering Area N36 06.305' W84 43.347'
Lilly Bridge N36 06.122' W84 42.983'
Lilly Point Arch N36 5.445' W84 42.387'
Melton Mill Br. Falls N36 5.993' W84 43.097'
Nemo Bridge/Picnic Area N36 04.119' W84 39.746'
Nemo Tunnel    
Obed Junction    
Potters Ford    
Rock Creek Campground N36 04.253' W084 39.874'
U.S. 127 Bridge N3610.225' W08501.659'
Waterfalls N 36 06.012' W 84 43.100'
Main rock climbers parking area for located on the right .1 miles down Doc Howard Road. Doc Howard Road is .5 east of Lilly Bridge. This is private property that the owner allows climbers to park on and cross, he asks for a $1 donation which should be placed in the honor box at the trailhead in the parking area.



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