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Climbing Terms & Definitions

Cross Fire - Bee Rock

Cross Fire 5.10

The following is a list of basic climbing definitions and climbing related terms. Some of the terms are clicked to see related images and in some cases climbing products for sale.

I am just getting this page started, but I will add more terms and additional definitions soon. If you have any suggestion for terms or question about definitions contact me.

Aid climb -

Ascender - mechanical device that can slide up a rope and not slip back down.

Beaner - Short for Carabiner

Belay -

Belay Off -

Belay On - affirming that the climber responsible for a routes belay is secured and ready for the climber to proceed

Bolt -

Boulder -

Cam -

Carabiner -

Crag -

Crampon -

D-ring -

Figure-8 - device that can be used for rappelling or for belaying a climber

Free Climb -

Hangdog -

Harness - seatbelt like material made into a safety device (harness) that protects climbers, rapellers and others from falling.

Ice Axe -

Lay Back -

Locking Caribiener - a locking caribiener is a type of caribiener that has has a mechanical way to lock the gate of the caribiener, usually a threaded thumb screw tightens over the caribieners body and the gate, preventing accidental opening.

Mantle -

Multi-pitch -

Nut -

Overhang -

Peton -

Pitch -

Quickdraw -

Run Out -

Seat Harness -

Sling -

Smear -

Solo -

Spire -

Sport Climb -

Top Rope -

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