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Chronic Wasting Disease - CWD

CWD What Is it

Chronic Wasting Disease is on the front burners of game agencies across the nation.
<Chronic Wasting Disease>

CWD By State

State by state information about Chronic Wasting Disease, testing, action plans, etc...
< CWD by State >


CWD Testing

Find out which states CWD has been found in, and how much testing is going on in your state. < CWD Testing >

Carcass Import Laws Related To CWD

Out of an abundance of caution some states have inacted carcass import laws that restrict bringing deer and elk carcasses into certain states .
<Carcass Import Laws>


Don't Confuse CWD With Hemorrhagic Disease

But hemorrhagic disease is the most significant disease of deer in the Southeast, according to Charles Ruth, DNR Deer/Turkey Project leader. <Hemorrhagic v/s CWD>


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