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Cumberland Trail State Park

The Cumberland Trail State Park in Tennessee is a partially complete hiking trail that will be just over 300 miles long. Secondary and spur trails will bring that total up to 370 miles. Currently there are about 145 miles of trail complete.

However, this is not a continuous 145 complete trail section, but various sections of trail spread out along the entire 300 mile long trail.


The Cumberland Trail was designated a State Scenic Trail in 1971 and a Tennessee State Park in 1998. The southern end of the trail is in Signal Point National Historic Park near Chattanooga Tennessee and the northern terminus is the Cumberland Gap National Military Park on the Kentucky/Virginia border.
The following table is a segment length list according to the Cumberland Trail Conference. I'm not sure why the totals do not match what the trail is supposed to be when complete.

Section Total Miles Miles Complete
Tennessee River Gorge 39 34
North Chickamauga 20 8.5
Soddy Creek 14 1.1
Possum Creek 13.5 1.4
Rock Creek 7.2 7.2
Laurel-Snow 32 8
Piney River 22 10
Stinging Fork 15 1.5
Grassy Cove - Blk Mtn 15 12
Obed Wild & Scenic River 17 14.2
Frozen Head 20 7
Smoky Mountain 35 9.2
Cumberland Mountain 47 13.5
Totals 296.7 127.6


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