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Internet Post Leads To Wanton Destruction Of Antelope


GREEN RIVER, WY -- Nearly three months after intentionally hitting and killing two antelope with his vehicle Dec. 7 and posting the photos on the Internet, a Rock Springs man was sentenced by Circuit Court Judge Victoria Schofield.

Jonathan L. Hefner, 24, pleaded guilty Feb. 29 to two counts of wanton destruction of a big game animal. His sentence included: $6,000 ($3,000 for each antelope) of restitution to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, five-year suspension of hunting privileges, 12 months unsupervised probation during which time he can have no wildlife violations and a 360-day suspended jail sentence. Hefner was also ordered to pay $100 to the Crime Victim's Compensation Fund, $20 court costs and a $10 court automation fee. 

The Game and Fish Department received a Stop Poaching tip December 2007 reporting a man who had posted photographs on the Internet of two antelope he hit and killed with his vehicle. Game and Fish officers recognized the vehicle and location near Farson. The officers contacted the man's employer and identified the antelope hit-and-run motorist as Hefner.

Anyone with information about any wildlife violation should call the local game warden or the Stop Poaching Hotline at (877) WGFD-TIP (943-3847). Reports can also be made online at the Stop Poaching Web site.



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