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Hunters Discovery Leads To Poaching Convictions


Dubois, Wyoming -- Information received following the discovery of an unusual scene near Dubois in October 2007 has resulted in the conviction of two Wyoming men for their involvement in several wildlife violations.

Clinton Brower of Riverton, 20, received penalties for wanton destruction of a bull elk, taking an over limit of elk and failure to tag a big game animal. A fourth charge of waste or abandonment of elk was dismissed. Brower's brother, Edwin A. Shearer of Kinnear, 25, received penalties for waste and abandonment of edible portions of a bull elk. A second charge of accessory to wanton waste or destruction of elk was dismissed.

Fremont County Court Judge Rob Denhardt ordered Brower to pay $90 in fines and $6,000 restitution to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department in addition to a 270-day jail sentence, of which 254 days were suspended. Brower also lost his hunting and trapping privileges for six years, three of which were suspended provided Brower does not commit any more wildlife violations. Shearer's penalties totaled fines of $530 for waste or abandonment of edible portions of a bull elk as well as a 60-day jail sentence that was suspended provided he does not violate any law, particularly wildlife laws of Wyoming or any other jurisdiction through July 28, 2008.

Two hunters' discovery of a suspicious scene on Arrow Mountain south of Dubois prompted them to report their findings to Dubois Game Warden Cole Thompson. Thompson and one of the witnesses investigated the scene and found one entire bull elk along with edible portions of two other bull elk abandoned and left to waste.

Witness statements and interviews of Brower and Shearer revealed that the brothers had been hunting in the area on Oct. 2 when Brower killed a small bull elk. They packed some of this elk to camp, leaving substantial portions of it to go to waste. They went hunting again the next day and each killed a 6-point bull elk. They packed some of each of these elk to the Torrey Creek trailhead, again abandoning to waste, substantial edible portions of each elk. All of the small bull elk killed by Brower on Oct. 2 was abandoned at their camp and allowed to go to waste.

Approximately 200 yards from the site of the first small bull elk killed by Brower, the spoiled carcass of another small bull was found. Although some evidence indicated the killing of this elk might have been connected to the case, evidence was not sufficient to warrant charges. Information regarding this elk is still being sought.

Anyone with information about this crime or any other wildlife violation should call (877) WGFD-TIP. Callers can remain anonymous and are eligible for cash reward up to $5,000 if the information leads to a conviction. Reports can also be made online at the Stop Poaching Web site.



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