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Big Game Check-in Process

Different states have different methods for reporting the harvest of a big game animal during 'general' hunting seasons. The most popular harvest reporting methods seem to be telecheck, on-line reporting, physical check-in, report cards or a combination of of these. And of course some states don't require any "checking-in" or reporting of the kill at all.

The chart below was compiled in March 2007 and gives an overview of which states use which system. These systems change frequently, so if you see an error let us know.

State Check-in* Phone
Alabama Mandatory Hunter Harvest Record
Alaska Harvest Report  
Arizona  Telecheck / Physical
Limited Reporting
Arkansas Online/Physical  
California Physical
Colorado Physical  
Connecticut Physical
Delaware Physical  
Florida None
Georgia None  
Idaho Hunt Report 100% - mail, fax, phone, Online.  
Illinois  Online / Telecheck 866.452.4325
Indiana Physical  
Iowa Online / Telecheck 800.771.4692
Kansas Random Harvest Report  
Kentucky Telecheck 800.245.4263
Louisiana Harvest Report - 100%  
Maine Physical
Maryland Online/Telecheck 888.800.0121
Massachusetts Physical
Michigan Physical (Voluntary)  
Minnesota Physical
Mississippi SelfCheck - Voluntary  
Missouri Online / Telecheck 800.314.6828
Montana Physical  
Nebraska Physical
Nevada Harvest Return Card Questionnaires  
New Hampshire Physical?
New Jersey Physical  
New Mexico Online / Tele (100%)
New York Telecheck 866.426.3778
North Carolina Online / Telecheck 800.446.8663
North Dakota None  
Ohio Physical
Oklahoma Physical  
Oregon None
Pennsylvania Report Card  
Rhode Island Physical
South Carolina    
South Dakota Harvest Surveys (sample)
Tennessee Online / Physical  
Texas None
Utah  Voluntary  
Vermont Physical
Virginia Tele/Physical 866.468.4263
Washington Hunting Activity Report
West Virginia Physical  
Wisconsin Physical
Wyoming  Physical  

Mandatory reporting for Archery-only nonpermit deer, and any deer from Kaibab hunts (north of Flagstaff on the Kaibab Plateau).

* These check-in procedures are for general or state wide hunting seasons. Most states have additional drawn hunts, quota or other special hunts that generally have their own set check-in requirements.

This table is meant as a reference, laws change frequently, you are responsible for knowing state game laws BEFORE your hunt starts. Where possible I have included links to the state game agencies web site where their laws can be found.


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Questions, answers and tips about big game hunting can be found in our Hunting Discussion Forums.

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