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Texas Family Hunting Season, 2005

Editors Note: The following is a summarized hunting diary of the Glenn Guess family for the 2005 Texas deer hunting season. We appreciate them sharing their great season with us.

Second Day of Archery Season

Texas Deer HuntingI let Regi hunt my stand yesterday, we saw 10 does and fawns and 6 bucks! Today was my turn and my first day on stand, we saw 12 does & fawns and 2 bucks! Regi got some good footage of all sorts of stuff but missed my bow kill! he's fired!
She was 17 yards, got a good double lung shot with my Mathews FX. She ran about 50 yards and piled up!

Glenn's Second Time On Stand

I've spent a lot of my season setting in a ground blind filming my hunting partner, Regi while he hunts. He has yet to score. He couldn't make it this evening so I talked my wife into filming for me. I had several deer come through within the first 15 minutes including 1 little tiny still spotted fawn! I finally settled in on a nice doe at about 10 yards made a good shot and she ran about 40 yards and piled up!

I'm 2 for 2 I've sat on stand twice and killed 2 does!
We did see 30+ does this morning and 2 bucks. We saw 9 does and a nice 2 year old 10 point this evening.

Michelle's First Buck

Michelle and I headed out this morning to hunt, there was very little wind, but it was foggy and a front was about to push through! We set up over looking a huge draw and did a little rattling, we heard a buck rubbing and messing around ,but he refused to come on out! after about 45 minutes we moved to another draw ,got set up I did a little rattling and blew on my Buck-0-Buster grunt tube from Lemarr game calls. Within a few minutes Michelle said hey what's that? and before I could answer she said "it's a buck" ! Boy was she breathing hard! She said "I gonna take him" ! he stopped once then moved closer .He stopped again at 78 yards, to rub his hocks together for the last time. Michelle squeezed the trigger on My 7mm magnum The 150 gr Remington core lokt did it's job ! he dropped in his tracks!

She looked up at me and said "I'm surprised I could hit him ,I was shaking so bad. I got so excited my head's pounding"!

This is Michelle's first deer and he's a whopper! 8 points, 18 1/2 inches wide!

Leanna's Deer

Leanna is my oldest daughter, She has been hunting since the age of 8 and will soon be 16.She has taken 2 nice bucks the first 2 deer seasons, since she has taken a couple of does, but waits patiently for the buck she wants! she let a 12 inch wide 1 1/2 yr old 6 point walk right before she killed this doe! she was shooting My Ruger .243 with 100 gr. Remington core-lokt, it was 110 yard quartering shot ,she ran about 30 yards through brush and a small and piled up! I was hunting about a mile away, so I didn't get to watch ,but she trailed the doe marked the spot and met me at the truck when I was finished hunting!

Michelle's Second Buck

Michelle {my wife} wanted me to take her to another county to try and get another buck, so we were off to Denton co. ,not known for it's abundance of deer and it was 85 degrees out ,but a front was on the way. I told her to sit on a tripod over looking a plowed field! this tripod hasn't been hunted out of in about 8 years! I also told her to be careful of her shots, that they were a lot further in the field than they looked! I hunted on the ground back in the timber near a scrape line! within 45 minutes after sitting down I had a doe come to within 20 feet of me! she knew I was there and kept circling me and checking the wind ,which by the way was howling 15-30 mph and trying to change directions, but she never did spook! I kept an eye on her hoping she wouldn't spook and make a lot of racket, but I lost track of her when I started hearing hogs! I called Michelle and told her to pay attention that I was going to shoot the last hog and that the rest might come her way. I picked out the last hog a nice grizzled colored sow ,put the crosshairs of my Ruger .243 just below her ear and squeezed the trigger .The 100 gr. Remington core-lokt found it's mark and down she went!
I waited for a minute and eased over to look her over and look around to see if any hogs were still there. Within an few minutes I heard Michelle shoot, and after what seemed like forever I heard the thump of the bullet hitting meat!
Michelle called and said "I just shot a buck"! I told her to stay put and I would come to her!
As I approached I could tell she was excited, and asked her to tell me what happened.
She said: "I heard hogs behind me and two deer came out of the brush in front of me way down that way", as she pointed to the east. Where exactly I asked , "at the second bend in the trail" .I told her that was over 300 yards away ,what did the deer do when you shot ? "he fell on his front end and pushed himself" .I decided ,as far away as he was and I wasn't sure how good she had hit him at that distance, free handed and from a wind blown tripod, that we would drag the hog to the field and get the truck before looking for the buck.
We found where the buck had been 352 yards from tripod ,he only made it about 20 yards ,the 7 mag and the 150 gr core-lokt had done it's job. She made a perfect heart shot, I guess all that coyote shooting has been good practice!

The "God Given Buck"

Ever get the feeling God's trying to tell you something? well we finally got a little rain today after about 8 months of nearly nothing, I got off work a little early and headed for my honey hole. I got about 12 miles out of town and realized I didn't have my keys ,but I didn't have time to go 23 miles back home to get them, so I decided I would hunt a rub line on a place I hunt near town. Now I would like to tell you about the long grueling hours spent on stand ,but it didn't happen that way. I left the truck and headed into the timber towards the rub line. I was nearly there when a decent buck ,that I hadn't seen took off blowing and stomping and making all kinds of racket .I said to myself oh well might as well give it a try anyway. So I found a big cedar tree and sat next to the trunk, I adjusted my shooting stick and had just about settled into a comfortable sitting position when I saw some twigs moving. I thought to myself, there's no wind? So I looked through the scope and I could see antlers moving, but that is all I could see no body! It was really thick between he and I so I started looking for a place for a shot ,provided he followed the trail he was on. He did and moved along steadily until he reached the tiny little hole ,which was about the size of a soft ball ! As If on queue he stopped with only his neck in the opening ,I squeezed the trigger on my Ruger, the 100gr. Remington core-lokt found it's mark and down he went! I thanked God for a nice buck and then the work started!
It wasn't much of a hunt, it took me longer to type this than it did to kill my buck, but it was one I wont soon forget!

Krista's Doe

Krista and I got into our blind right at day break. We are hunting a major travel corridor for does and yearlings. Of course this brings in the bucks as well ,but they tend to stay back in the timber and only offer an occasional shot here and there. This morning shortly after getting set up we saw several does and yearlings moving through nervously, I told Krista to stay alert because that usually means a buck is near by! Sure enough here he came ,he was a really nice 8 point and I got some good video , but Krista didn't have a good shot ,he needed to take a few more steps. All of a sudden there was a loud noise from somewhere near by and he left in a hurry! All was calm for a good while ,then we had deer coming from another direction. It was more does, Krista readied herself for a shot if one offered it! A yearling came in then two older does. One didn't stick around long ,but the other offered a perfect shot .Krista shot her at 20 yards in the neck with her New England .223 using Remington 55gr.psp.
We watched deer for another couple of hours and got some really good footage!

Micaela's Doe

Micaela, 8, my wife Michelle and I went out for an evening hunt! we saw several does right off ,but they were just passing through and never slowed down for a shot. About 20 minutes before sundown we heard some more coming, there were several again from the same direction the others came from, they stayed bunched together and I didn't think the older of the bunch would ever offer a clear shot of the other deer, but she eventually did. Micaela made a perfect neck shot with the New England .223 and Remington 55gr psp at 35 yards. This is her second deer.


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