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Bunkum Cave

Bunkum Cave is located in Cordell Hull State Park in Pickett County Tennessee. The cave is located about .5 miles from the museum down the parks only hiking trail. Bunkum Cave is said to have the second largest cave opening of all of Tennessee caves. Measuring about 100 feet wide and 30 feet high, a small stream emerges from the entrance and joins another small stream just outside the cave.

Visitors are welcome to explore the beginning of the cave but are required to obtain a permit from the park office to venture past the cave entrance.

William (Billy) Hull, Cordell Hulls father used to cook moonshine in this cave when they lived nearby. Billy later went on to become a successful in the logging business nearby.

Length - 1 mile
Depth - ? feet
Elevation - ?
Latitude - ?
Longitude - ?


Bunkum Cave Entrance
Bunkum Cave

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