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Cumberland Sandwort

Cumberland sandwort obviously at a time when not in bloom. I will try to time my visits better next year. Cumberland sandwort was listed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as federally endangered in June 1988. You can view the Cumberland Sandwort Recovery Plan - Here.

Cumberland sandwort is only known to grow in the Big South Fork of the Cumberland watershed in Pickett, Fentress, Morgan and Scott counties in Tennessee and and one location in neighboring McCreary county in Kentucky.

Common Name: Cumberland Sandwort
Scientific Name: Arenaria cumberlandensis
Range: Pickett, Fentress, Morgan and Scott counties in Tennessee and McCreary county Kentucky. 
Flowering: July & August
Habitat: sandy, shady rock overhangs
If you are interested in photographing the Cumberland Sandwort one good place is Hazard Cave in Pickett State Park, Tennessee.  The cave is only a 250 yard walk from the car and the area where they are growing is well walked. Please do not go behind the rail fences (see photo below) built to protect the delicate plants. It's not necessary anyways you can see and photograph them fine without venturing into the restricted area.

Rail to protect Cumberland Sanwort - Hazard Cave
This sandy floored rock overhang is pretty typical of the areas where Cumberland Sandwort can be found.
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