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Building A Bug-out Bag

Polaris Ranger

By Todd Ratermann

A Bug out bag, or BoB, is basically a survival kit in a back pack. Usually designed to give you the basic survival items needed to make it through the first 72 hours of a disaster.

The list below is just a general guide to help you get started. Each person or family will have different needs that should be covered by their specific BoBs contents. However, each BoB will be complete survival kit. In other words the BoB's should not be divided up so that one person is carrying the food and another carrying the first aid and another carrying the tools. If you did this and a pack was lost, stolen, or if you became separated no one would have the complete survival necessities need. Instead, each pack should have a proportional share food, water, shelter, fire, and first aid items.

Not only will each persons BoB vary from the next persons, the same persons BoB will vary depending on factors. For example a heavy coat may be important during the winter in the mountains, it would be a counter productive item if you carried it in the summer through the desert.

When building a BoB or survival kit you should keep the rule of three's in mind. You can live three weeks without food, three days without water, and three hours without shelter (in extreme heat or cold).

Another important thing to remember is that no matter what survival situation you find yourself in, or preparing for, the basics of surviving always falls back to six key survival factors: shelter, water, food, fire, self defense and first aid. Although each survival situation will dictate the priority of the list, the list itself remains unchanged.  

Below is a list of Bug-out Bag items. The six survival factors above are the primary categories of your BoB items.

Self defense
First Aid


Bug-out Bag Contents:

  1. Camp Stove (or other white gas or multi-fuel camp stove)
  2. Stove Fuel 
  3. Food & Water Kit (Below)
  4. Cook set
  5. Flashlight
  6. Batteries
  7. Candles
  8. Lighter
  9. Automobile inverter
  10. Axe, hatchet
  11. Two-way radio(s)
  12. Cash in small bills
  13. Radio AM/FM, NOAA Weather radio (battery powered)
  14. First Aid Kit
  15. Toilet Paper
  16. Multi-tool
  17. Sharp Knife
  18. Tarp (at least 8' x 10')
  19. Hand Warmers
  20. Duct Tape
  21. Paracord (at least 50')
  22. Hand Sanitizer
  23. Wet Wipes
  24. Garbage bags
  25. Rain Ponchos
  26. Super Glue
  27. Whistle
  28. Aluminum foil



Food & Drink Survival Items:

  1. Food for 3 days
  2. Water (5 gallons)
  3. Potable Aqua - Water Purification Tablets with PA Plus
  6. Fire extinguisher
  7. Basic Tools




Food & Drink Survival Items:

  1. Food for 3 days
  2. Water (5 gallons)
  3. Potable Aqua - Water Purification Tablets with PA Plus


  1. Fire extinguisher
  2. Basic Tools






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