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Devil's Den Caves

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Arkansas's Devils Den State Park is home to about 60 caves. Most of these caves are formed in sandstone, but there are also some caves are formed in limestone. Some of the caves and crevices include Devil's Den, Devil's Ice Box, Farmers Cave, and the Devil's Maze.


While many of the area caves are not gated, there are still dangers associated with these caves. Children should be supervised at all times and previous caving experience or visiting the caves with an experienced caver is recommended. There are numerous accidents in the caves some that require rescue.

Devil's Den Cave

Devil's Den Cave is one of the largest caves in the area that is not gated shut. In early 2005 they gated an internal passage that leads from the main cave passage to the entrance near devil's Ice Box. This was done because of several minor accidents most of whom were unsupervised minors.

Farmers Cave

Small gated limestone cave in the west section of the park. Access is available on a first come first serve basis to groups that meet specific guidelines. Details are available at the visitor center.


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