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Turkey Poacher Caught in Kentucky

Frankfort, Kentucky - Crittenden County Wildlife and Boating Officer Randy Conway had heard the rumors for several months.

A poacher was shooting turkeys from a cabin, over bait and out of season. Last week, he confirmed the rumors.

"I asked my sergeant, Ron Haywood, to take me in there and drop me off," said Conway. "I found the cabin. I found the bait. And then I found 12 to 15 carcasses scattered through the area one of them fresh, only one or two days old." So he stepped up his watch, and last week it paid off.

After making several trips and seeing no activity at the site, he returned again and watched a gobbler strutting near the bait. This time there was a truck parked at the cabin.

"I went and hid my truck at an old barn and walked back in," he said. " I set up and watched. After I had been watching about two hours, a man stepped out on the porch and shot the bird."

Conway arrested Will Bushart, 68, of Marion, KY, and charged him in Crittenden District Court with shooting a turkey over bait, hunting out of season, and illegal take. Each of the three charges carries a penalty of up to $1,000 in fine, a year in jail, loss of hunting privileges, and court costs.

Conway seized a 12 gauge Browning BPS 3 -inch-chambered shotgun and the poached 25-pound gobbler at the scene. Bushart has a court date scheduled for April 20 in front of Crittenden District Judge Tommy Simpson.

Last Updated: 04/12/04


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