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Longest Caves in The World

Camps Gulf Cave - Tennessee If you have questions or comments about caves visit the Caving Discussion Forums.

The longest cave's in the world are listed below or see the longest caves in the USA table. The cave length has been rounded down to the nearest mile.


1 Mammoth Cave 367 Kentucky, USA
2 Jewel Cave 135 South Dakota, USA
3 Gypsum cave 133 Ukraine
4 Hoelloch 119 Switzerland
5 Wind Cave 114 South Dakota, USA
6 Lechuguilla Cave 114 New Mexico, USA
7 Fisher Ridge Cave System 109 Kentucky, USA
8 Siebenhengste-hohgant Hoehlensystem 92 Switzerland
9 Gua Air Jernih 80 Malaysia
10 Ozernaja 76 Ukraine
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