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Tim Treadwell's
Deadly Grizzly Bear Attack

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Brown Bear - Photo Jon NicklesTimothy Treadwell, 46, was widely known for his unusual and controversial habit of spending his summers in Alaska living among wild grizzly bears. Treadwell had spent 13 summers in Alaska getting to know the grizzly bears. During his last 5 summers he videoed his encounters and much of the video footage eventually made it to television where he gained a sort of celebrity status for his work. He was the co-author of "Among Grizzlies" (see below)

While most of us spend time and effort trying to avoid up close encounters with bears, Treadwell was spending his summers getting closer to them in both a spiritual sense and a physically one. In fact he sometimes got close enough to touch them or even more frequently within just a few feet of them.

The last two years he spent in Alaska he brought along his girl friend Amie Huguenard, 37. Although she was in very little of the video footage, we know from Treadwell's diary that she was not comfortable around the bears most of the time. In one short sequence of footage that can be seen on the movie "Grizzly Man" (see below) Amie is seen about 10 feet from two large grizzlies and she was obviously very uncomfortable being that close to the bears. Who besides Treadwell wouldn't be?


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Lake Near Tim Treadwell's Last Campsite Treadwell Campsite Area
Katmai National Park & Preserve in Alaska. On the night of October 5th or early the morning of the 6th Treadwell apparently left his tent to confront a bear in their campsite. Treadwell, or Amie, had their video camera rolling, but with the lens cap on, this allowed only for an audio recording of what happened next. From descriptions of the audio tape we know he was attacked only a few feet from his tent and can be heard calling for Amie. She comes to his aid and can be heard hitting the bear with a frying pan. When that doesn't stop the attack, Treadwell can be heard telling her to run. We don't know if she did, but we do know that the bear attacked and killed her as well.
On October 6th a plane had returned to Treadwell's camp to bring him back to civilization for the year. The pilot, Willy Fulton had gotten to know Treadwell over the years and was a little worried when Treadwell was not waiting for him, and they didn't respond to shouts of their names. As Fulton walked up the trail to Treadwell's camp he spotted a large bear that was watching him. He returned to his plane and did a couple of low fly-overs of the camp, that's when he spotted a human rib cage and a large grizzly feeding on the remains. He made a couple of low passes over the camp to try to drive the bear off, when that didn't work he made a call on his radio to get some help from the Park Service.
A documentary movie was later made about Treadwell called "Grizzly Man". The movie was really pretty good and was glad to see it was a pretty realistic look at Treadwell as a man and his actions as an outdoorsman. Click the image below for more details on the movie
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