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Arkansas Mountain Lion Sightings

Arkansas Cougar SightingsMore information on Eastern Cougars Sightings.

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Confirmed Arkansas Cougar Sightings:

1) Clark County -  in June of 1996 an adult mountain lion was caught on video tape two miles south of Amity, Arkansas.

2) Perry County - August 2003 a hunter using a wildlife camera photographed a cougar in the Winona WMA.


Cougar Range
Confirmed Cougar Sightings
Traditional Mountain Lion Range:
Very little is actually known about the cougars daily habits and territory.


There is also a sub-species known as the Florida Panther that is found mostly in extreme southern Florida around the Everglades.
Black Panthers: Despite the fact that a large percentage of "cougar" sightings are reportedly a large black cat or "black panther", there has never been a confirmed "black" cougar in the United States. Not a picture not a body, not a captive specimen ever.

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