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Fatal Polar Bear Attacks

The following information is not intended to be scary or anti-bear in any way.

I hope that it will help people appreciate and respect the boundaries required by wild animals.

Polar bears are wild animals and they are dangerous. They can and do kill people.
  1. Manitoba - Paulosie Meeko, 19, a vocational student in Churchill was attacked in town on November 17, 1968. Meeko died shortly after.
  2. Northwest Territories - On January 5, 1975, Richard Michael Pernitzky, 18, was killed at an oil exploration site in the Mackenzie River delta. When Pernitzky failed to return to his living quarters a search found a polar bear clutching his remains 300 yards from camp.  The bear was later hunted down and killed, and had 3 metal tags in his ears indicating it had been removed from civilization 3 times previously.
  3. Manitoba - Thomas Mutanen, 46, was attacked and killed on the streets of Chruchill on November 29, 1983
  4. Alaska - Carl Stalker was attacked and eaten in the middle of Point Lay Alaska on December 8, 1990 after the bear chased Stalker and his girlfriend through town. The bear was shot and killed as it stood over the body.
  5. Nunavut - Hattie Amitnak, 60, was killed July 9, 1999 while trying to distract a bear that had attacked other members in the Hudson Bay Camp she was at with family members.

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