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Spotfin Chub

The FWS is currently monitoring populations of the Spotfin Chub in the Tellico River, between the backwaters of the Tellico Reservoir and the Tellico Ranger Station, in Monroe County, Tennessee

Range And Population Level:

Once endemic to the Tennessee River drainage in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia, the spotfin's range included upland-mountain habitats in 4 physiographic provinces encompassing 12 tributary systems: Blue Ridge, Ridge and Valley, Cuumberland Plateau, and Interior Low Plateau. Presently, it survives in some 166 total km of 4 isolated tributary systems: the Duck, Little Tennessee, Emory, and North Fork of Holston River systems. (USFWS 1983)

Once occurring widely in 12 tributary systems lying in 5 states, it is now extant in within four isolated tributary systems: one site in Buffalo River of the lower drainage, and in the upper drainage; on section each of Little Tennessee and North Fork Holston rivers; and essentially four streams of the Emory system. only 4 systems: Little Tennessee River, North Carolina; Duck and Emory Rivers, Tennessee; and North Fork of Holston River, Tennessee and Virginia. (USFWS 1983)
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