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Number of National Park Designations

The following is a list of the different types of National Parks, Sites, and Areas along with the number of parks for each designation. Click on the designation name to view a list of parks. The list is current as of February 2006. 
Type of Designation # Parks Acres
International Historic Sites 1  
National Battlefields 11 64,739
National Battlefield Parks 3  
National Battlefield Site 1  
National Military Parks 9  
National Historical Parks 42 204,841
National Historic Sites 78  
National Lakeshores 4 228,874
National Memorial 28 10,541
National Monument 74 2,277,010
National Parks 58 51,961,286
National Parkways 4 176,344
National Preserves 18 24,189,329
National Reserves 2  
National Recreation Areas 18 3,692,665
National Rivers 5 746,357
National Wild & Scenic Rivers & Riverways 10  
National Scenic Trails 3 237,996
National Seashores 10 595,079
Other Designations 11 40,129
Total National Park Properties 390 84,425,190
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