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Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission

Bill Haslam - Governor of Tennessee

Governor Bill Haslam

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission (TWRC) is the body of commissioners who help oversee the Tennessee's wildlife management agency, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA). The TWRC is responsible for helping set game limits and seasons, as well as and wildlife related regulations & proclamations. And, as of 2010 they are responsible for setting fees related to Tennessee hunting and fishing license costs.

There are 14 commissioners, with 5 of those being defacto political positions who rarely, if ever, attend meetings or vote. The TWRC  commissioners are not paid for their work, but they are reimbursed for food and travel expenses.

The Commissioners are is selected/appointed as follows:

9 commissioners are appointed by the Gov. to 6-terms that are staggered - the staggering causes 3 commissioners (1 west, 1 middle and 1 east Tennessee) to come off every 2-years.

Two commissioners are appointed by the speaker of the house and the speaker of the senate respectively.

The de facto  members are the Governor of Tennessee, the commissioner of the Department of Environment & Conservation (TDEC) and the Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.

TWRC Tentative Meeting Schedule

TWRC Commissioners
Commissioner Area Term Phone E-Mail
William Brown E-4 '09-'15 (423) 886-2143
Todd A. Shelton E-1 '07-'13 (423) 639-5183 E-mail
Jeffrey H. Griggs W-7 '09-'15 (731) 968-6191 E-mail
Eric Wright S/W '09-'13 (423) 474-3357 E-mail
Dr. Jeff McMillin S/W '09-'15 (423) 968-1933 E-mail
Mitchell S. Parks M-5 '07-'13 (615) 876.3046 E-mail
Danya L. Welch W-9 '07-'13 (901) 759.5100
Julie Schuster M-6 '09-'15 (615) 477-6430 E-mail
Trey Teague W-8 '11-'17 (731) 693-2900
Jim Bledsoe M-3 '11-'17 (931) 265-7201
Harold Cannon E-2 '11-'17 (865) 670-8555 E-mail
Julius Johnson (615) 837-5202
Governor Bill Haslam (615) 741-2001 E-mail
Robert Martineau (615) 532-0106

= S/W represents statewide district


Historical List Of TWRC Commissioners
Commissioner Area Term Phone E-Mail
R.B. "Buddy" Baird E-1 '07-09    
Todd A. Shelton E-1 '07-'13    
Michael E. Chase E-2 '05-'11    
Gary K. Kimsey E-4 '03-'09    
Johnny Fred Coleman M-3 '05-'11    
Mitchell S. Parks M-5 '07-'13    
Boyce C. Magli M-6 '03-'09    
Thomas H. Edwards W-7 '03-'09    
Mike Hayes W-8 '05-'11    
Danya L. Welch W-9 '07-'13    
Tom Hensley        
William Brown E-4 '09-'15    
Jeffrey H. Griggs W-7 '09-'15    
Robert Martineau      
Dr. Jeff McMillin '09-'15    
Mitchell S. Parks M-5 '07-'13    
Julie Schuster M-6 '09-'15    
Eric Wright '09-'13    
Jim Bledsoe M-3 '11-'17    
Harold Cannon E-2 '11-'17    
Trey Teague W-8 '11-'17    

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