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Maryland Deer Harvest

The following table contains harvest totals for whitetail deer hunting in Maryland. Maryland recently switched to SelfCheck method of harvest reporting in recent years.

Maryland is divided into two Deer Management Regions. Region A is comprised of Allegany and Garret counties and Region B encompasses the remainder of the state.

Year Bucks Antlerless Sika* Totals
2001 41,080 42,707 83,787
2002 40,042 54,072 1,003/1,038 94,114
2003 37,704 49,519 875/996 87,223
2004 34,639 59,229 899/856 93,868
2005 32,837 61,215 798/866 94,052
2006 33,114 58,816 889/890 91,930

 * These sika numbers are listed as Buck/Doe and they are already included in the buck and antlerless columns.


In Maryland, deer hunting provides outdoor recreation for over 80,000 hunters who spend over 1 million days hunting in the state’s woods, fields and marshes. Deer hunting also contributes to a healthy Maryland economy, contributing over $150 million to the state’s economy and generating $1.4 million in state income tax and $4.1 million in state sales tax.


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