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TWRA Trying To Cancel Tennessee Boar Hunting To Public


Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) is using backdoor tactics in an attempt to make wild hog hunting illegal in Tennessee to all but a select few citizens, and a paid "team of government employees". "Team of government employees" is code for publicly funded employees getting paid to do what us citizens would gladly do for free. Or more realistically what we pay to do in our leisure time already.

The TWRA has removed wild hogs from the hunting seasons proposal for fall 2011. When an animal does not have a hunting season, it is then illegal to hunt.

TWRA BoarSo, when the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission meets May 19th & 20th (see below) if they approve the proclamation ALL wild hog hunting in the state of Tennessee will be closed to the public except to 10 hunters chosen by certain private land owners who will be allowed to "eradicate" wild pigs from their own property. The public at large will no longer be able to hunt wild boar in Tennessee except for a select few WMAs.

Steve Nifong Assistant Chief of Law Enforcement for TWRA, and currently acting Chief says "As proposed, your landowner would have to request an eradication permit and have you named on the permit. (limit 10 per land owner)

Under proposed regulations there will be no "hunting" of wild hogs with the exception of a couple of (East Tennessee)  WMAs. However, there will be eradication.
" (hog hunting will be by the select few named on the eradication permit)

Daryl Ratajczak with the TWRA recently said " We worked with many of our representatives, as well as other state agencies, and they helped us come up with the plan that was proposed. One must remember that although they have been here for hundreds of years, hogs are still an exotic species and promoting them as great species to hunt creates a market, or financial "need", to have hogs around. We are attempting to remove that incentive. Although this won't solve our hog problem in places where they are found, it hopefully will slow their spread."


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Please call all the commissioners below NOW, be polite, and tell them to NOT remove wild hogs from the hunting seasons.



Commissioner Phone E-mail
William Brown (423) 785-8253
Jeffrey H. Griggs (731) 968-6191
Governor Bill Haslam (615) 741-2001
Robert Martineau (615) 532-0106
Dr. Jeff McMillin (423) 968-1933
Julius Johnson (615) 837-5202
Mitchell S. Parks (615) 876-3046
Julie Schuster
Todd A. Shelton (423) 639-5183
Danya L. Welch (901) 759-5100
Eric Wright (423) 474-3357

TWRC Meeting Where this will be Discussed


May 19-20, 2011
(Thursday & Friday)
1:00 p.m., May 19, Committee Meetings
9:00 a.m., May 20, Formal Session
Region 2 Ray Bell Office Building
5105 Edmondson Pike
Nashville, TN 37211





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