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Florescent Orange Required While Hunting


State Private Property Public Property
Alabama Yes, All hunters during gun deer season must wear a vest or cap with at least 144 sq. inches of solid Hunter Orange, visible from all sides. Deer hunters in tree stands elevated more than 12 feet from the ground need not wear Hunter Orange
Alaska   No
Arizona No
Arkansas   Yes, any big game hunter or persons accompanying the hunter during the firearm season
California No
Colorado   Yes, hunters are required to wear  fluorescent orange
Connecticut Yes, to hunt any wildlife from Sept. 1 through end of February
Delaware   Requires hunters to wear hunter orange while hunting deer
Florida No Yes, firearms hunters on public land
Georgia   Yes, deer and bear hunters
Hawaii Yes, With the exception of Turkey or archery areas, no person shall hunt, serve as a guide, accompany, or assist a hunter in any hunting area, where firearms are permitted, without wearing an exterior garment
Idaho   No
Illinois Yes, It is unlawful to hunt or trap any species, except waterfowl, during the gun deer season in counties open to gun deer hunting when not wearing orange
Indiana   Yes, during firearm season
Iowa Yes, during deer hunting firearm season
Kansas   Yes, Big game hunters
Kentucky Yes, by all deer hunters while hunting on any location on property where any deer gun season is permitted by regulations
Louisiana   Yes, during the open gun deer hunting season
Maryland   Yes, any person who hunts, or accompanies, aids or assists a hunter in the field must wear fluorescent orange
Massachusetts Yes, During the open, shotgun, deer hunting season
Michigan   Yes
Minnesota Yes, all hunters and trappers, during the open firearm season
Mississippi   Yes, All deer hunters during any gun season for deer
Missouri Yes, any person hunting deer during the firearm season
Montana   Yes, any big game hunter or persons accompanying the hunter during the firearm season
Nebraska Yes, any person hunting deer, antelope, elk or mountain sheep during an authorized firearm season
Nevada   No
New Hampshire Recommends that any person hunting with a firearm or bow and arrow during the hunting season
New Jersey   Yes, any person hunting deer, rabbit, hare, squirrel, fox, or game birds other than waterfowl with firearm
New Mexico No
New York   No
North Carolina Yes, persons hunting game animals other than foxes, bobcats, raccoons, opossums, or hunting upland game birds other than wild turkeys, with the use of firearms
North Dakota   Yes, Big Game Hunters
Ohio Yes
Oklahoma   Yes, All firearm deer, elk or antelope hunters
Oregon No
Pennsylvania   Yes
Rhode Island Yes
South Carolina   Yes, On all WMA lands and lands within the Central Piedmont, Western Piedmont and Mountain Hunt Units during the gun hunting season for deer
South Dakota Yes, firearms big game hunters except turkey
Tennessee Not on your personal property Yes, during firearm hunting seasons for big game other than turkey
Texas No Yes, on National Forests and Grasslands
Utah   Yes, Big Game Hunters
Vermont No No
Virginia   Yes, hunters or person accompanying a hunter during the firearms deer season
Washington Yes, all hunters
West Virginia   Yes, deer hunters during gun seasons
Wisconsin Yes, where there is a firearm deer hunting season, no person may hunt any game except waterfowl unless 50 percent of each article of the person's outer clothing is hunter orange
Wyoming Yes, all big game hunters
State Private Property Public Property


Province Private Property Public Property
Alberta No No
British Columbia No No
Manitoba   Yes, for all big game hunters
New Brunswick Yes,
Nova Scotia   Yes,
Nunavut ?
Saskatchewan   Yes, for all big game hunters
Quebec Yes,
Yukon No No
State Private Property Public Property


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