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Iowa State Record Channel Catfish
Caught In Missouri River

June 21, 2005

DES MOINES, IOWA - A Bellevue, Neb., man is the new record holder for the largest channel catfish ever caught in Iowa.

Dustin Curtis' 38 pound, 2 ounce catfish bested the old record by 1 pound, 10 ounces, held by Ron Goodwin of Earlham. Goodwin caught his 36 pound, 8 ounce channel catfish in August 1993 from the Middle Raccoon River in Dallas County.

Curtis was fishing the Iowa side of the Missouri River, about a mile south of Lake Manawa in Pottawattamie County, the morning of June 11 when he discovered the 40-inch catfish on the end of his bank pole. Curtis said be baited the bank pole with a creek chub.

The weight of the fish was verified by Lake Manawa State Park manager John Maehl, but the fish was transported to Cabela's in Kansas City for display before it could be positively verified as a channel catfish. Missouri Department of Conservation fisheries supervisor Joe Bonneau verified the fish was indeed a channel catfish upon arrival in Kansas City. The fish was placed in a holding tank, and later transported to an adjacent store pond in hope it would recover from stress associated with the trip. However, a Cabela's spokesperson Monday indicated the fish died the next day.


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