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Arkansas Shovelnose Sturgeon Record Falls

Record Shovelnose Sturgeon

Billy Robertson and his 3 pound shovelnose sturgeon

Osceola, Arkansas - Billy Robertson was fishing with nightcrawlers Oct. 29 2006 in the Mississippi River near Osceola when he landed the state-record shovelnose sturgeon.

His catch – 3 pounds – topped the previous record of 2 pounds, 4 ounces taken in 2002 from the White River by Houston Eichelmann of Sherwood.

Robertson, of Osceola, had caught several nice catfish from a sandbar when the record struck.

“I didn’t know (sturgeon) would take worms,” Robertson said. “I’d never even seen one till my nephew caught one a few months earlier. His was almost three times as big as the one I caught. Then I went out and caught this one.”

The fight didn’t last long.

“I thought it was a gar at first,” Robertson said. “They don’t put up any fight at all. Even the one that my nephew caught didn’t put up a fight. The hardest part is getting them off your hook. They have scales that come to a point like needles – you just can’t get a hold of ’em.”

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