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Caving Gear List

The following is a basic list of items I take with me caving on trips with no vertical caving. I carry these items in a couple of gallon size zip lock freezer bags inside a Northface daypack. Don't let having the proper equipment be mistaken for experience. If you are new to caving ask someone who knows what they are doing to come along. It's also a good idea to let someone know where you are going and when you will be back.

The List

2 Flashlights*
Garbage bag
Flannel shirt or light jacket
Knee Pads
Lantern/fuel (for caves w/ no crawling)
First Aid Kit
2 Quarts Water
Snacks (power bar, chocolate, nuts, granola bar, etc...)
Camera (batteries, film if you need it)

Rogers Cave, Jackson County Tennessee
Rogers Cave Tennessee

Also bring along these items to leave in the car.
1) Full change of clothes, including shoes and socks)
2) Empty garbage bag for dirty clothes
3) Snacks and drinks
4) old blanket, sheet, or towels for seats

* Be sure to include extra Lithium batteries and bulbs for EACH light!!

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